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Champions™ is an online learning and assessment platform that helps you learn faster using gamification,  friendly competition and rewards.

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For the first time, you can enjoy playing as you learn or prepare for an exam. Powerful reporting enables individuals and organisations to get an accurate snapshot of their skills and make intelligent decisions for future learning.

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Case Study

Find out how Tom was able to assess his client’s capability, quickly and easily using the Champions tool.

The Challenge

One of Tom’s clients is a large government health department who are looking to improve their ITIL® skills. Many of the staff have self-studied ITIL®, however there is no way to determine their current level of understanding. They were looking for some analytics around the topics such as the ITIL® service lifecycles: Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Improvement. The client saw this information as critical to determining what training is required and the departments overall capability.

The Results

The resulting data clearly showed the strengths and weaknesses that exist within the organisation. The weakest area for the assessment was Continual service improvement. The maximum score and strongest area was Service Design, although it only hit a level of 75% so there is room for improvement.

The Solution

An Evaluation was conducted using the Champions™ system on the topic of ITIL® Foundation. Each staff member was invited to be assessed, which covered all service lifecycles of ITIL®. Data from each participant was instantly gathered and collated into meaningful reports. Using the different reports available, Tom could see from different perspectives the level of capability from an organizational perspective as well as an individual.

The Outcomes

Using the resulting reports, Tom was able to understand the organisation’s capability in ITIL and could make accurate training recommendations, right down to an individual level. Tom’s clients were able to see how their capability compares with the global average. Finally, after the training schedule was implemented, the organisation was able to see how they had improved and had a firm direction for their future training needs.