Premium Membership - an overview

Welcome to Premium Membership!

When you are a Premium Member, you have access to more of Champions higher features.

Premium Members have full access to content on the Champions Library and also the Champions Business Library. Any type of Challenge, including Assessments, Masterclasses and Capability Assessments can be played and used as part of a Premium Member’s Skills Journey.* The Business Library is where most content for professional certifications can be found. This content also links to many of the learning resources available on the Champions Marketplace.

Using the Business Library can help Premium members better understand their capabilities in a huge range of Topics, many of which can have a positive effect on their skills journey or career path. This is where Champions can make its Members smarter, faster; and in areas that really matter!

Premium Members also have more options when creating content for the Library. They now have the option to make any of their Challenges on Topics found on the Business Library. When adding any of these Challenges to the Library they can now also make them Private or Password Protected. In this way, the new Challenges can be shared or kept between groups of friends.

 The Skills Journey on the Member Dashboard allows Members to customise the Topics that they wish to learn. Using this feature can fast track a Member’s skills in any Topic as it also suggests additional new Challenges that will help the Member achieve positive results.

The Skills Journey is available to Premium Members and can be customised at any time to suit the Member’s needs

At the Marketplace, Premium Members receive a discount on many of the market’s learning resources. Substantial savings can be made on Certification Exams and Training Courses as well as a range of other valuable resources. The Champions Marketplace automatically recognises the Premium Membership status of the purchaser and rewards them with an applied discount. Premium Members can easily offset the cost of their Membership through these savings.

*Excludes Password protected Challenges